Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Worst Nightmare I've Ever Had

So I had this horrible nightmare that woke me up this morning. I dreamed I was back in high school, and that I was at a big academic competition, like academic decathlon or something similar. There was a lot riding on it and just in the process of getting assembled I’d already gotten into a fight.

So I was looking for a place to sit, and I ended up sitting up near the front. They passed out a written test, which I was paging through while I sort of half-heartedly listened to the announcement of events. I did notice that there were some people who were in desks which had been turned around to face the rest of the crowd and that they were already furiously working on their tests. It was about the time that the announcer indicated that one of these people had just finished their test, when I started wondering why I already had a test, and so I looked up and realized to my horror that I was sitting in that front row which had been turned, and that I was supposed to have been taking the test all along.

So I started furiously working, but this was no mere multiple choice test, with four easy choices, there were questions with 8 choices, and fill in the blank questions, and on top of that the questions were really bizarre. I was in the middle of a question that took the form of a massive paragraph with twelve blanks I had to fill in and the whole thing was dialogue from the movie Bambie, when the terror finally awoke me.

I was busy writing "flower" in all the blanks when I woke up


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