Monday, April 07, 2008


I was thinking of blogging yesterday, but my life is so consumed with the minutia and stress of the new company that I couldn't think of anything to write about except perhaps how tired I was (though for those in my reading audience to whom this makes sense General Conference was very good). In fact since I was in LA the Sunday before yesterday was kind of my first day off in over two weeks. I had grand visions of maybe playing a video game or doing something else that was fun, but when the day finally came nothing really seemed very exciting (except napping and the aforementioned GC kind of put a kink into that plan). I took a shot at "Sins of a Solar Empire" and "Jade Empire" I paged through the "Rise of the Runelords" adventure path. I watched a little "Return of the King" with my son, but nothing really spoke to me. I was kind of hoping for a "this is what I've been missing, now my batteries are recharged" experience, but it didn't happen.

I've had the "King of Kong" out as my Netflix movie for longer than I care to admit. Saturday night when I was here in the office at 9:00 I figured that I could take something of a break and watch it while I cleaned out my e-mail. It was really good. I'm not sure if you would get everything out of it if you weren't familiar with the "golden age" arcade games, but I would still highly recommend it even then. I think it's a story that a lot of people can identify with.

Anyway I'm over my alloted time to spend on this, so I better end.

Coffee Break's over. Back on your heads!


Anonymous Ed said...

We had an old Donkey Kong arcade machine at our retreat/vacation house up in Oregon. I would get the high scores, then my friend would work for days to get the high, and then I'd just play 5 games straight, just enough to knock him off. Kind of like playing with a laser pointer and a cat. >:)

It's amazing how much muscle memory I still have of Donkey Kong.

2:21 PM  

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