Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well I was in LA from Thursday until LATE (the plan touched down at 11:57 pm) Sunday. It was a internet marketing conference and frankly I expected it to consist of mostly semi-reformed spammers talking about gaming one system or another in order to get gullible masses to sign-up for thinly disguised pyramid schemes. Okay so I had kind of a bad attitude, though to be fair if they were going to teach me their quasi-legal tactics I might hear them out at least, you know just to be fair. In any case I was very impressed by the people they had as speakers. As the keynote for the first day they had the CEO of Zappos.com. His talk was really amazing. I signed some horrible NDA, so I'm not even sure what I can say, but that was worth the price of admission right there.

Part of the problem with a convention/conference like that is that you spend all day every day listening to ideas, writing down good ones and in all cases thinking of how what's being said might apply to your business. By the end I was sick of brainstorming ideas for the business, I just wanted to shut of my processor for awhile if you know what I mean. Of course now that I'm back I have all the stuff that was piled up before I left plus all the ideas and action items I ended up getting at the convention. I haven't been all that effective today because just trying to decide where to start is overwhelming.

That's really the big problem with traveling, or at least the aspect of it that I have yet to figure out how to overcome. Traveling really throws of my routine. I can be cruising along staying on top of things, powering through a big chunk of my list every day and then I have to travel, and suddenly I don't have the same tools, my schedule is all messed up, I'm collecting all kinds of stuff with no time to process it and when I get back from even a short trip it takes me at least a day or two, if not more just to get back in the groove. This is obviously something I need to work on. Anyway I thought I'd take a second and blog since it's been so long. I know it's not that exciting, but as they say you get what you pay for.

Every so often I pause for a second to check out the view, it's actually pretty good I just don't get to enjoy it


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