Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blackberry Part Deux

Behind where I sit is a large window, with a fairly wide (10") window ledge. Right underneath the ledge is an outlet, so that is where I had plugged the charger for my blackberry. And then I rested the blackberry on the ledge. Well I turned to look at it and when I set it back down the cord got looped over the arm of my chair so when I turned back towards my computer it pulled the phone off the ledge and the lens that covers the screen cracked. Initially I was pretty mad at myself. It's annoying when you do something stupid like that, but it also shakes your confidence. What was particularly annoying is that they had a 14 day unconditional warranty and today was day 17... Anyway I called up the local T-mobile shop and they directed me to a repair shop that was only about five minutes away. So I jumped into my car and immediately drove over there.

Now you may be wondering if I knew whether they were open or if I called first or anything like that, and the answer is know. They were still open, though their repair guys are only there until 6:00 so I'm going to have to come back tomorrow (total cost $10, so it really wasn't that bad). So you may even be thinking it was a wasted drive, but I think that immediately driving there was possibly the one smart thing I did. I mean how often does something like that happen where you do something dumb, like waste an hour watching Saturday Night Live clips (I particularly like this one it's clean though very bizarre.) And then you compound the error by stewing over how dumb that was. I mean even if it's only for a minute or two you're still wasting time, and even worse you're beating up on yourself and in the process sapping whatever motivation you might still have.

So yeah, I think immediately acting, even if it isn't the optimal action is really the best way to recover from bone-headed mistakes. Perhaps this is already completely self-evident to everyone but me, but I know I could work on it.

However if you slap your head and say "Stupid" as an homage to the late Chris Farley, when you do something dumb, that's funny, and should be encouraged


Blogger Liz said...

To be completely serious for a moment, I agree that immediate action is often the better choice. Two of our children are in a child safety class right now. Last week they discussed calling 911 if you get home and it looks like your house has been broken into. Our older daughter questioned whether she should really go to a neighbor's and call 911 right away instead of checking to make sure it wasn't me or you in the house. The instructor explained that her safety was much more important than possibly calling the police unnecessarily. I agree that I would rather have the police questioning me as to why I broke into my own house than have to call them to report my daughter was injured or killed when she surprised a burglar.

I can think of myriad other circumstances involving the children when immediate action did (or would have) minimized the damage done. You should share this story with them.

9:47 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

"Our older daughter questioned whether she should really go to a neighbor's and call 911 right away instead of checking to make sure it wasn't me or you in the house."
Brilliant and funny, kudos all around.

" ... the answer is know ..."
Very cerebral slip there sir.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous Propagandroid said...

Kids in the Hall did the dream sequence better 20 years ago, although the video here is bad.


My favorite absurd KitH sketch is this one, though:


9:43 AM  

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