Thursday, May 01, 2008

Peace, Lunch and Understanding

I don't really have anything to say about Peace. (Except to say that I find the whole concept detestable, but that's a topic for another blog.) I just wanted to riff off that great song by Elvis Costello, since I what I really want to talk about is lunch and understanding. Recently I've tried to be a lot better about eating breakfast. As a result I often skip lunch entirely. Other than the money this may be the biggest change between my old job and the start-up. At the old job I never ate breakfast and so I always ended up going to lunch. For one thing it was the big break, and possibly the only thing keeping me sane.

Anyway so I was out and about running some errands. And I was feeling flush because I'd just cashed my bi-monthly $123.16 paycheck (speaking of money) so I decided to wander over to Harmon's (a local grocery store) and pick up some stuff from there deli. Now here's where the understanding part comes in, because I don't... The deli is amazing... I got a twice-baked potato and a stuffed chicken breast for $6. So here's the part I don't understand. Why isn't everyone doing this? I mean yeah I had to microwave it, and that didn't include a drink, but still it should be very popular, but I was the only person at the counter.

And given that there wasn't anyone other than me there, here's the second part I don't understand, how do they make money? I mean there's rack after rack of food, ribs, chicken, every kind of salad know to man, all of it already prepared. I assume some of it keeps, but that's still seems like a huge amount of overhead. And then there was the 8-10 people working behind the counter. Overall I saw a lot of money going in, but not much coming out (or would it be the other way around? anyway you get the picture). In any case it was delicious. More food than I could eat really.

Probably so cheap because there wasn't any rice or corn in anything I got


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