Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I liked seeing the nice round number so I let it sit at 400 for awhile, but I'm back. Other than it finally getting hot, not much has happened. The Netherlands advanced to the quarterfinals today with a win over Romania (they were going to advance regardless, but the win over Romania gives them the best record of the group stage.) In other sporting news Columbia announced that they are going to be title sponser for the former High Road team. I had heard of the High Road Team because that's who Hincapie is riding for these days, but I didn't know anything else. Well it turns out that they're the old T-Mobile team.

It's interesting that they're going to the Tour and Astana isn't. This is even more proof that the Tour is punishing the sponsers (a really bone-headed move IMHO) since if anything T-Mobile's doping problems are just as recent. And there's still riders, management, etc. left over from that team, whereas the same could not be said of Astana... But whatever, it will be nice to have Hincapie and Michael Rogers at the tour.

I've mentioned before how much I dislike the heat. This afternoon, though, though seemed particularly bad. I was wearing a wool suit because I had a wedding to go to. And I think we're out of freon in the van because the AC just wasn't that cold. I guess I'll have to get it in. The heat also means that I need to start watering my lawn. I know I should have started a week ago if not more, but despite my suv-driving, damn the environment exterior, I really don't like wasting water...

I was hot and I was hungry...


Anonymous Ed said...

It was about 117F down here in the Coachella desert. 135F was the car thermometer's reading when we were delivering food.

But it was a DRY heat.

9:26 AM  

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