Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dark Knight

So I saw "The Dark Knight" on IMAX yesterday. Visually it was stunning. I would definitely recommend seeing it on IMAX if you can. That said the audio was off. The dialogue track(s) was being constantly drowned out by the background noise. It seemed particularly acute at the beginning of the movie, so either they noticed it and adjusted for it, or I got used to it. I suspect the latter since the person I was with noticed the same thing, but near the end of the movie. It was a good movie, I really enjoyed it and felt I had definitely got my money's worth. It was not however the "Greatest Movie Ever!!!" which seems to have been the opinion of everyone I talked to who had seen it and the users of IMDB.

For one thing I'm getting a little tired of villains who primary superpower seems to be an unearthly command of logistics, human resources and organization. Obviously I don't want to spoil the movie, but The Joker is able to tackle transportation and recruiting issues that sizeable corporations would have a tough time with while operating completely out in the open, to say nothing of doing it in secret while the target of a city-wide manhunt. Obviously this is a point that bothers no one but me, so I shouldn't even bring it up. But on the off chance that part of that 0.0001% of people who are mentally defective in the same fashion as me, I thought I'd mention it.

Anyway like I said, don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the movie (though I also think it could have stood to be shorter) and I would definitely recommend it, unless gore really bothers you. There's a particularly gruesome... thing... in the movie. Which turned my stomach a little bit. It's just not the greatest movie ever.

We burned the forest down.


Anonymous Ed said...

I was disappointed in the movie. After all the reviews, even from Rotten Tomatoes, I saw it and thought "Meh." Oddly enough, though, I thought I saw (and a couple of other online folks saw) a weird subversive (for Hollywood) theme: George Bush=Batman (think how he handles things).

Kind of like the first Christian Bale movie, where the Christian idea of redemption is set against the more Buddhist idea of cyclical reincarnation. Odd.

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