Monday, June 12, 2006

Almost over

The wife gets home tonight, and I'm pretty excited. The weekend has certainly been a trial. If I were to use a metaphor it's like trying to play doubles tennis without a partner (against a doubles opponent). I think over the last 11 years my wife and I have developed a pretty good system. I'm not entirely sure of all the details I'm sure that she would tell you that it involves her doing most of the work with the kids and me stepping in occasionally to yell at them. Which is probably pretty accurate.

This weekend it seemed like there was a lot of little interruptions. On top of which the youngest was quite emotional all weekend. She kept asking me when mommy was going to be home. When I would tell her a couple of days she didn't like that at all. Also the oldest had some weird cough, which would only manifest late a night. She could go the whole day without coughing, and then suddenly start hacking away every 2 seconds sometime around 1 am. The weirdness of it almost makes me thinkg that she was forcing herself to cough. Perhaps a tickle in the back of her throat she was trying to get rid of. When the coughing woke me up last night I tried to get back to sleep, but it was just too loud and too frequent, so I got her a glass of water, and tried to calm her down. That seemed to work a little bit, though I'm still not sure what was causing her to cough.

Interestingly though, the most frustrating episode of the weekend did not involve the kids at all (perhaps peripherally). I took them to Wendy's on Saturday night and we were getting some kids meals. My kids wanted all sorts of different stuff, one wanted 2% milk, two wanted chocalate, some wanted oranges some wanted fries, etc. So I pull up to the drive through and start reading my order. I've just barely stared when the drive through person says something. But I have no idea what. So I repeat myself, she says something else, still no idea what. I tell her I have no idea what she's saying, more garbled speech. I swear she made the teacher on Peanuts seem coherent. At a certain point I just decided to ignore the sounds coming from the other side of the speaker and press on. Once I had said everything I drove up to the window. Fortunately the manager was there. He apologized and asked me for my order. Fortunately I had it written down, so I handed him the piece of paper. Two minutes, and a hundred button presses later he had changed what was in the register, to what I had actually said. I really seriously considered driving away.

In sports news: Holland won, USA lost, and all of the African teams which have played so far have lost as well. Dallas did win however in a pretty convincing fashion. You'd have to be a hardcore fan to start talking about a sweep at this point, but I think it's going to be ridiculously difficult for Miami to come back and win at this point.

At the end of a long nightmare


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Last time a Shaq team played a Texas team in the Finals it was a 4-0 sweep, and Shaq was dominated the entire series.

I'm just sayin'...


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