Monday, May 29, 2006

Turned on comment moderation

At the family dinner yesterday some people were complaining that they didn't like the anonymous comments. Which I kind of agree with, I mean the sixth amendment does give me the right to confront my accusers. Unfortunately you can't just disable anonymous comments (I mean what's to prevent someone from putting in 'sdfasdf' as their name?), so I turned on comment moderation, which means that I have to sign-off on every comment before it goes live, so from now on unless you attach some sort of name to the comment, it's not going to see the light of day, that is all.

Too much ambition, too little follow-through


Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:32 PM  
Anonymous john said...

Great, now my comments are being "filtered" ... does this mean I need to say something nice about you to get posted? Uh ... you look better now that your hair is growing back ... :)

11:59 AM  

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