Wednesday, May 17, 2006


One of my friends here at work travels a fair amount, so he was out on Monday and Tuesday. I noticed he was back when I went to get some breakfast at the company cafeteria and he was getting his food up in front of me. He kept looking back in my direction and I expected him to notice my drastic change in appearance and say something, but he kept looking past me, I'm sure that he didn't realize it was me.

Finally he did recognize me, I know this because he immediately burst into raucous laughter so powerful that it caused him to stumble backwards. I have to confess that I wasn't prepared for such a dramatic response, which is not to say that some responses haven't been very interesting. I had an older lady at church tell me that she didn't know who I was until I smiled. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I think it means that my smile is so strange that it's unmistakably mine. My sisters were pretty bad, besides telling me that they didn't like it, they laughed, a lot. (Though not enough to cause them to move backwards involuntarily.)

Most people (check out yesterday's comments) seem to be interested in how my wife and children reacted. My wife doesn't mind the baldness, but she really minds the lack of facial hair. This surprises people when they hear it since, they expect it to be the other way around. My oldest daughter really minds the baldness, I'm not sure how my oldest son feels about it, but I doubt he cares much one way or the other. My youngest son thinks it's cool because his hair is always buzzed. I think I frighten the youngest daughter.

Fortunately the whole cutting process happened while they watched, and I think that by witnessing the mechanism they're more comfortable with the results.

Still in shock


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"I think I frighten the youngest daughter."

And this is new in exactly what way... ?

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