Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Famous Bank Teller

So yesterday I went to the bank to cash my quarterly bonus check. I'm waiting in line for the next teller, and one of the tellers say "It will just be a couple of seconds." I look up and see a young blonde who looks really familiar. I look over at the name tag and it says Elizabeth, and it hits me that the teller is Elizabeth Smart.

But I immediately start to question this conclusion. For one thing, I have this problem where people get stuck in my mind at a certain age. (I imagine that this problem is not unique to me, but who knows? maybe I assume to much) For example when I imagine children I knew while I was on my mission I always imagine them at the same age they were when I left, but that was 15 years ago... (you have no idea how sad that makes me) In any case I figured that Elizabeth Smart had to be too young to be a bank teller. But after some checking (mostly calling a friend of mine who works for the same bank, though not at the same branch) I discovered that it was in fact her.

Perhaps even more than the age, one of the things which made me question my inital assessment was that I figured after all that she had been through that she would want to avoid being in the public spotlight. If so a teller would not appear to be the ideal job. But perhaps I don't understand her true motivation. I believe I've mentioned my friend who turns green at the sight of blood, and donates platelets every other week in an attempt to overcome his phobia (we both donated this morning in fact). Perhaps that's what she's doing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess she isn't really famous or anything and now that all of that has died down she might as well live a regular life.


6:50 PM  
Anonymous wil said...

All the cool stuff happens in Salt Lake. Wonder if she's dating?

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Bonehead said...

Facing your fears is always a good thing. Of course she probably does not have a friend to push her limits by dressing up as her kidnappers or anything like that... Ross helps me with my dislike of blood on a regular basis.

10:43 AM  

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