Friday, June 02, 2006

Hoping that the weekend will heal us

So the first kid to get sick was the number two son. He started throwing up on Monday night, but as I recall by the morning he had stopped and by the evening he was basically firing on all cylinders. Well last night he started in again, which needless to say was alarming, and I hate to think what it might presage. I'm used to having kids get sick, for us both to be miserable for a little while, but then when it's over it's over and we both breathe a sigh of relief, but this relapsing after a couple of days has really made me question my view of the universe.

As I may have mentioned I didn't escape entirely unscathed, and the gruesome details of the depths of my illness are better left unchronicled, but the good news is that I appear to have finally recovered, at least from the illness, the constant sleep interruptions have left me quite tired and I feel a real need for some recreation. I had hoped to get some on Memorial day, but I started on a big side project then and it basically ended up taking every evening through Wednesday and then last night was the annual husband invitational at the wife's bookclub. So I'm hoping that I might squeeze in some recreation over the weekend. I'm scheduled to play D&D again. We play once a month, so last week was our May get together and this week will be the June gathering. It will be nice to play back to back, keeping the flow and the energy going is a lot easier if you can easily picture what happened last.

The bookclub was interesting. About half of the people that the book was essentially saccharin tripe, while the other half felt that it was a revelatory experience on the order of Saul's experience on the road to Damascus. You might ask which half I was in, and I'm going to cop out by saying neither. I thought as a self-help book for "maximizers" the people he identified as being particularly overwhelmed by the multiplication of choice, it worked out really well, but as a prescription for everything that ails America I think it over-reached. In paticular I thought it displayed a certain amount of hubris to label one of the sections "Why We Suffer" as if it was some metaphysical rumination on the nature of pain.

I know why I suffer


Blogger thelarius said...

if he really wants to understand suffering, he should read your blog.

take that whichever way you wish.

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