Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The day after

Hopefully we're past the worst of the illness, though my number one son, who always seems to get the sickest, did have a messy relapse last night just as I was going to bed. I never threw up, but I did not escape unscathed, I felt I was on the verge of vomiting several times yesterday and into this morning, and spent most of my time languishing in front of my computer trying to summon the strength to be productive while I sipped my coke.

I did manage to watch Castle in the Sky last night while I tried to work. I confess to being quite the fan of Miyazaki, but then again, so are my kids. It's nice to see that there's still some great animation out there even if Disney hasn't done anything good since "The Emperor's New Groove". Beyond the vomiting and the movie watching there's not much to report. Hopefully tonight will be more exciting. I do have another Miyazaki movie waiting for me.

Suck on it Walt!


Anonymous Ed said...

One I really liked is impossible to get in the US, unfortunately. (Well, Ghibli did it, anyway), "Only Tomorrow."

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Oh, and did you see Lance was cleared of any doping charges?

12:22 AM  

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