Friday, June 16, 2006

Boy I really stepped in it

As I was writing my blog yesterday I thought about mentioning the Family Campaign which I'll be running tonight, but I felt that I had insufficient time to truly capture the magic of the Family Campaign. So, I confess I decided to just pass over it without comment. As you can probably see from the comments, that turned out to be a bad decision. First for any who were wondering, yes the food is better at the Family Campaign, primarily because it's generally home-cooked.

I also should mention the long-suffering patience of the members of the family campaign. Periodically I will decide that I want to restart the campaign, becuase I have a new idea I want to try or some new thing I want to do, and without exception they always say, "Sure. No problem." This is not to say they don't give me a hard time about it every time it happens, but they're still remarkably resiliant. In fact tonights session will probably be the penultimate one (or possibly the antepenultimate) because I once again plan on restarting. I've been enchanted by the Dungeon Adventure Paths. As I've mentioned I'm running the second one with my friends and the third one is coming out in September, and it just sounds so cool, that I can't help but run it as well.

In any case I offer my apologies to any who might have felt slighted, especially my wife, and may I say that I'm really looking forward to dinner tonight.

Suitably repentant


Blogger Medsker said...

If you think that worked to get you off the hook with your wife for yesterdays blog you haven't learned much for as long as you have been married :-)

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must agree. That was way too sappy to be sincere.

~your wife's sister

9:45 AM  

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