Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Productive but not focused

First off, in the interest of full disclosure, I should start off by saying that I should have been doing something else with my time, but intead of doing all the important urgent things on my plate I decided to do an unimportant, vaguely urgent fun thing. This is also the point where, in the interest of full disclosure, I tell you that the rest of this entry is going to be about gaming, all normal warnings apply (keep away from small children, nursing mothers, and maniac-depressives).

With that out of the way I put together a Dreamblade Generator last night. The big $20,000 Dreamblade Premiere tournament will be in a "sealed" tournament, which means you get a starter composed of 1 rare, 3 uncommons and 12 commons (16 total) and a booster consisting of 1 rare, 2 uncommons and 4 commons (7 total). From these 23 randomly selected miniatures you have to craft the best 16 miniature warband you can, and that's what you compete with. Well in order to practice for this it would be ideal to have something that would generate a virtual starter and a virtual booster, so that's what I did. While I was at it I also added the option for it to display all of the figures.

As it turns out it was more difficult than I expected. For one thing sorting on the sealed turns out ot be kind of complicated and still isn't implemented, I may have to write my own bubble sort... Secondly as it turns out you can't just craft a virtual bag of all the miniatures of a certain rarity and draw out of it. For one thing no duplicates are allowed, for another, apparently behind the scenes there are slots, to guarantee an fairly even spread of spawn costs. Obviously it would suck if all your commons had a spawn cost of 9. So I implemented that as well. In any case, there you have it.

Not quite ready for prime-time


Anonymous Geshin said...

So, when are you opening your Dreamblade franchise? Are you going to run it out of your basement?

2:04 PM  
Anonymous sti said...

I would have to say the spawn cost of this particular entry was negative

2:50 PM  

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