Monday, June 19, 2006


I watched a significant amount of sports over the weekend, certainly way above average, particularly considering that the Tour hasn't even started yet (though my man Ullrich won the Tour of Switzerland, so I think I have my horse). The Ghana game was beautiful and even though it means that they would have to beat the US, I think I would like to see Ghana advance. The US vs. Italy game was ugly and overall kind of a disappointment. The American commentator I was listening to, seemed to thing that the two red cards America received were completely out of line, but much of the international press I read after the game seemed to think that it was all our fault the game got ugly. I wonder if that's some sort of reflection of the current geo-political situation...

On Sunday it was the Korea vs. France game and the NBA Finals. Any illusion that the America-Italy game had set some kind of standard for ugliness was quicky dispelled by the ugliness that was the NBA game (which may back up the international press laying the blame on America), but I'll get to that in a minute. The Korea-France game was interesting. I have a good friend who's Korean, so I wanted them to win, a tie was almost as good. Of course by rights France should have won, they put a ball into the goal late in the first half that was deflected by the Korean goalie, but replays clearly show that the goalie deflected it after it had already crossed the line, but that's the way it goes I suppose, for whatever reason most sports and I suppose most people had decided against instant replays. Which brings us to the basketball game.

If my man Wil's Dallas team wasn't in the finals I wouldn't be watching them, but I am. Of course that doesn't stop me from playing World of Warcraft at the same time, as a result I wasn't following the game as closely as some, but I did see the end. The foul that put Miami in the lead that wasn't a foul, and the time out that was never requested. It was ugly, as in someone should be put into jail ugly, criminally ugly if you will.

Ugly, but not criminally so


Anonymous Ed said...

Well, it's been a fun World Cup so far. Can't wait until traditional enemies really start lining up in the knockout rounds.

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