Wednesday, July 19, 2006

After over a week the main site is back up along with all the adventures (for those of you still using them). Sorry for the delay, in order to keep things running with minimal expense I'm trading heavily on the good graces of others. And those others had another, much more important crisis to attend to, social capital will only get you so far. In any case, on to your regularly scheduled blog...

I told my boss I was going to be late and watch the Alpe d'Huez stage, but had I know how today's stage was going to go I would have chosen today as the day to come in late. Going into the stage who would have thought that Landis would crack and come in 10 minutes down? Now Levi is the top American but he didn't do too well either, I think that if he had just tried to follow the moves rather than attack from three climbs out that he would have ended in a better position. And of course now that Pereiro is back in yellow I'm guessing that not just Phonak, but a lot of teams are regretting giving him a 30 minute lead.

I found myself getting very excited when the news reports started flashing on on my cell phone that Landis had cracked. And I had to stop and ask myself why. And the reason I came up with was because it made the tour more exciting. Before the stage started everyone expected Landis to hang close on the climbs and worst case scenerio lose the jersey, but remain within striking distance for the time trial, in other words everyone was pretty much back into the mode of racing for second. Once Landis cracked the scramble began, and that was just the kind of exciting moment I'd been hoping for. Unfortunately Popo cracked as well, though with a 1 hour and 20 minute lead over Zabriskie I'm not worried about losing the bet, though my prediction that he would do better in the alps has certainly turned out to be untrue.

Despite my excitment, now that the smoke has cleared I do feel bad for Landis. Depending on how the hip replacement goes this may have been his one chance to win the Tour, and it would have been nice to continue the American domination of the tour as well. There is one more day in the mountains, and though it isn't a summit finish, the Joux-Plane one of the nastiest climbs of the tour is only about 10 k from the finish. After that it will pretty much be down to the time trial on Saturday.

After not sleeping hardly at all the night before I was pretty tired last night and ended up going to bed at 8 o'clock last night. In part I was drawn by the magnetism of the new matress. It was very nice, though it took a little while to get used to not having a slope towards the middle. I also bought a little 9 inch fan, identical to the one I have in my cube, so I was comfortable AND cool. And at 9 inches I can basically aim it so it's only blowing on me and not my wife.

Sometime you're the Yellow Jersey and sometimes you're the Lanterne Rouge, but mostly you're just focused on making it to the top of the next hill.


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