Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Continued imperfection

Well that's the way it always is, you go for weeks without missing a day and then you finally miss one day and the next thing you know you're missing days left and right. At least that's how it is for me, I find that I can either do something perfectly (or at least perfect to some narrowly defined standard) or I can not do it at all, but there is no middle ground. Someday, if it were not so horribly embarrassing, I should tell you of my struggles to learn to get a grade other than an A or an F.

Well today was the first day in the mountains for the tour, but it wasn't a mountain top finish, so overall things weren't that exciting. The only big change to come out of the stage was that Iban Mayo finished with the autobus 24 minutes back, so I think you could say that his tour is basically over. Levi finished with the main group, but it was a struggle, so it doesn't look good for him to pull back lots of time in the mountains, but we'll see, if he's just trying to get over being sick, then maybe there's still hope that he might be able to do well in the mountains. Tomorrow should be more interesting, since it's an actual mountain top finish. Though it's still not the kind of thing to really seperate the contenders from the pretenders since it's a long gentle (for the Tour) slope to the finish.

I went to more soccer games last night. My wife watched the youngest play, I ended up watching the two boys play. My youngest boy probably needs some practice with kicking... he's exuberant (and his team did win) but he needs some basic practice with kicking the ball. The older son is doing really well, though his coach is horribly disorganized, at least on the issue of substitutes. There were 11 players and 6 needed to be on the field at any given time, I think if there had been 12 players and he could have just rotated the whole team he would have been okay, but as it was it would take him several minutes to figure out who should be on the field and who should come off, generally speaking the other coach would have long ago figured out who he was putting on the field and his players would have sat down in boredom and frustration by the time my son's coach figured out what the hell was going on, which may have been his plan all along...

Perpetually sitting down in boredom and frustration


Anonymous sti said...

Both batteries have died on my 14.4V cordless drill. New batteries are readily available, and not all that expensive. Or should I invest in one of the newer, higher voltage models? I really have no complaints with my current drill plus I have a rotary hammer drill and a half inch electric drill for heavy jobs. Suggestions?

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Geshin said...

Higher voltage gives your more torque, you'll get done with the job faster. I've always liked more power in my power tools. My question would be, are the new high voltage models heavier? If the new model is the same weight or less, I would upgrade. If the new model weighs more, I would get a new battery.

I hope my 2 cents helps.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous gehin said...

"you go for weeks without missing a day and then you finally miss one day and the next thing you know you're missing days left and right. ...I can not do it at all, but there is no middle ground."
This also seem to discribe your bicycling habits. You stopped cycling, let youself go. You were hiding the rolls of fat under your chin with your bread. Was the start of the Tour your wake up call or your shearing?

Don't you need to ramp up for your annual ride in September?

I will not beleive you've been pedalling on your stationary until we go out on the road.
If you want, you could convince me to bring my "slow" bike. :)

Prod, Let's go riding, prod. :)

11:24 AM  
Blogger Medsker said...

The advantage to the newer ones is the other tools available. I just got the 19.2 from craftsman and then a couple months later got the recipricating (sawzall) saw for it for $30 on sale which came in handy when I was remodeling.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous sti said...

The higher voltage ones are heavier, but I have gotten more used to the feel of a cordless, which is quite a bit different than one with a cord. I think the weight at the bottom makes your wrist less tired even though your arm is holding more weight.

Maybe I should justify getting a higher voltage one now, then buy batteries for the older one later. There are lots of jobs where you find yourself changing bits where it would be a lot more convenient to just have a couple of drills.

Tks for the input.

1:09 PM  

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