Thursday, July 06, 2006

Perfect streak broken

Well it had to happen eventually I didn't blog yesterday. Part of the problem is that the main server has been down since Tuesday evening. Unfortunately the server is in a data center in the rack of a friend, so I can't go and physically look at it. I've been trying to get my friend to send someone to look at it, but apparently he suffered some sort of mental break down yesterday after going without sleep since sometime in late 2003, but I have high hopes for some kind of resolution today. We'll have to see. Also as a result of taking a pseudo-holiday on Monday I had a ton of stuff to do yesterday and was basically swamped from the second I walked in until the second I finally fled.

Work got me a sweet new gadget on Monday, a Treo 700W. It's basically a combination phone/PDA, but the thing I like best about it, is that I finally have an always on internet connection attached to my hip. (Yes I know I have a problem.) So for example on Tuesday when I was at the family fourth of July breakfast I was able to connect to VeloNews and see how the Tour stage was going. It really does have an enormous number of features, so of course there's the hours of time you have to spend to get it working exactly the way you want.

Speaking of the Tour, well after the massive shakeup on Friday both my father and I had to pick new horses. Both of picked Levi Leipheimer which resulted in us having to pick again. I won't bore you with all the considerations that went into my choice, though I can tell you that I think the doping affair threw us both off. In the end my Dad picked David Zabriskie, from Utah, so there may have been some degree of rooting for the home team. I ended up picking Yaroslav Popovych, who while not an American, he at least rides for the American team. Of course now that it's started I imagine that both of us would like to change our guesses, but that's sort of how it goes. What's really interesting is how many of the people being talked about as GC contenders are American. For example on this odds aggregator for the Tour, the three best odds are Landis followed by Leipheimer and then Hincapie (after that is Cadel Evans, not an American, but an English speaker, and then after that my man Popovych). If that holds up we really could have the American podium I dreamed about in 2002.

Oh and it's France and Italy in the finals...


Anonymous ed said...

Well, if there were a pool for the World Cup, I'd have gone down the tubes fast. At least the Tour should be interesting this year...

Do you see anyone being able to dominate/nearly dominate like Armstrong?

9:06 PM  
Anonymous rob said...

It's like getting your first A- on your report card. It's healthy cuz the stress is removed and you can enjoy education for what it is cuz you have nothing to maintain. Maybe now your blog will be the relaxation it once was?

If for no one else, get direkobold working because I sent your boys some desperately needed tips on their video games ;-) via your wife's email. It's delivery has been delayed somewhere in cyberspace.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous john said...

I remember my first A- in college ... no relief, I was just plain pissed off.

10:45 PM  

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