Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More on Contador

Velonews posted a more in depth article today on Contador's reaction to Armstrong's return. For those of you who aren't going to click through and read the article (I'm actually assuming that no one even made it this far). Here's the interesting bit:

If Armstrong does rejoin his longtime director Bruyneel at Astana, his larger-than-life presence will certainly reshuffle the existing power structure within the team.

Along with Contador, there are Leipheimer and Klöden, two riders who’ve also finished on the Tour podium and who still harbor their own personal ambitions.

Contador seemed peeved Wednesday when journalists kept asking him if Armstrong’s arrival to Astana would undermine his role as team leader.

“We could be good teammates, but if I go to the Tour next year, it’s to win,” Contador said. “What problem would we have?”

Bruyneel said if Armstrong did come back to Astana, he would have to prove his worth within the team.

“I think Alberto is the best rider in the world right now,” he said. “Lance was the best rider in the world, but after being away from the sport for three years, he has to demonstrate again whether or not he can return to the highest level. The road will decide everything.”

A Tour showdown between Contador and Armstrong would be one hell of a race. Whether or not they’ll be on the same team remains to be seen.

The can be "Good teammates", but both of them claim they'll be there to win it? "What problem would they have?" Isn't it obvious?

At least Bruyneel is saying that Armstrong will have to prove himself... And yes it would be "one hell of a race".

My role as team-leader is constantly being undermined...


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