Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fantasy Football

When I was back at my old job there was always a big group of guys who would do a fantasy football league every year. It always sounded like fun, but I never figured that I had enough knowledge to participate. Well I mentioned this a couple of months ago to a friend of mine and he said that it doesn't actually require all that much knowledge that you could auto draft and it would almost play itself. In other words I could put as much or as little time into it as I wanted. So I said sure, so he created a league posted an invite to some message boards we're both on and next thing you know I was doing a live draft on Saturday with 9 other people.

The live draft was surprisingly fun. There was quite a bit of adrenaline involved since you only have 90 seconds to make a decision, and I had the last choice followed by the first choice from one round to the next so I had to make two decisions back to back. Of course part of my enjoyment inevitably stemmed from the fact that I had first pick. So I ended up with LaDainian Tomlinson a name I hadn't even heard (that I can remember) before Saturday and Peyton Manning (a name I obviously had heard of). In my first match-up, this weekend, I'm favored by 14 points. I think it might end up closer than that, but in any case I think I'm going to have fun. I'll let you know how I do.

At the mere mention of Football my wife rolls her eyes


Blogger aozora said...

Dang, another missed season. Football doesn't get good airtime in some parts of the world. *sigh*

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