Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tech Support

Through a path too circuitous to document I've ended up being in a position where I have to do tech support. As is usually the case no matter how many (or how few) people you're supporting there's always someone who needs 10X if not 100X the support of everyone else. The problem is not that they're needy, I mean I may not like it when stuff is broken but if it's legitimately broken then telling me about it is the whole point. It's the way they tell me about it.

For example they e-mailed me on Sunday about something that really wasn't that urgent. Maybe I'm weird, maybe I'm a prima donna, but Sunday is basically my only day off, the one day when there is some chance of disengaging from all the crap that's going on in my business and at work, etc. Plus (again for reasons to circuitous to document) I'm doing tech support of the kind where I mostly run interference for the developers. In other words while I can fix some of the issues, many if not most have to be referred to the guy who actually wrote the stuff. Which means not only are they bothering me on my day off, they're bothering me at the only point in the week when it's likely that I won't be able to do anything about it.

So right off the bat getting an e-mail on Sunday puts me in a bad mood. But if it had been a "look at this when you get a chance", then even coming on Sunday it would have not been that big of a deal. But the e-mail was really... aggressive. They asked over and over again why this was broken, why this hadn't happened, why hadn't I responded (cause this was the first I'd heard of it), why? why? why? But the icing on the cake was that each time they wrote the word "why" it was in all caps. Now this is probably just them not being as familiar with e-mail etiquette as they could be, but obviously, "why haven't you responded?" is a LOT different than "WHY haven't you responded? In any case in retrospect it wasn't that big of a deal, mostly I just needed to vent (and a subject other than cycling to blog about).

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BTW, if the Cubs crash and burn AGAIN, I'm blaming YOU. :)

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