Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fantasy Football

Well we've finally reached the playoffs for Fantasy Football. Which of course start before the actual NFL playoffs so that all the players are still available. Last week was the first single elimination game and I managed to squeak out a victory- 72.3 to 70.9. This week I'll be up against the #2 seed (I was the #3 seed) and if I can win that game I'll be in the "Fantasy Bowl". I'm feeling pretty good about this week's game I've outscored her every week since week 7 which was the week she and I played and she beat me. Let's hope that it's not some kind of weird cycle...

I'm not sure if I've ever told this story in my blog, but several years ago I had the idea to take up wine-collecting. See I don't drink and I figured that because of that I would be the ideal collector, I would never drink up my profits. My wife was opposed to it for obvious reasons, and I was only half serious, but it was my Dad who put an end to what little seriousness the idea had when he pointed out that since I didn't drink I would never have the "gut feel" for what was a good wine, or more particularly which wines were undervalued or which had a good potential to appreciate in value.

You may wonder what this has to do with fantasy football. Well my wife made the point that maybe fantasy football was like wine, that I would never have the "gut" to be truly great at it. I suspect that's true. I think I've made one or two good "gut" moves but mostly I've just read Roto's columns over at ESPN, follow his advice and hope for the best. Of course like many things it's surprising how few people actually take the time to just read what's available.

Literacy for the win!!


Anonymous Ed said...

Actually, fantasy is a totally different beast than real sports. It's a lot more of a mind game, like a sort of face-to-face gambling. It takes psychology, math, and just good instincts to do well.

And of course, luck. If you had Tom Brady and were counting your Fantasy Rings in week one... how's that looking now?

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