Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Darjeeling Limited

Last night the wife and I watched the the latest Wes Anderson movie The Darjeeling Limited. I enjoyed it, but then I've enjoyed all of his films. I would put this ahead of Life Aquatic but behind Rushmore, which in turn is behind Royal Tenenbaums. One thing that I think Anderson does very well is character interaction. I don't think all of his characters are exactly believable, they're basically caricatures, but the relationships between them are always rich and compelling. This was once again the case with Darjeeling.

I think another thing Anderson does very well is create atmosphere. His soundtracks are always awesome, and the little world he creates for his movies are always full of vitality. We watched the featurette which came with the movie and they talked about how everything in the train was hand crafted, or hand painted. The attention to detail definitely showed. As I mentioned Tenebaums is my favorite, possibly just because of the sheer volume of great interactions. In Darjeeling you have basically three characters, which I think is also true of Rushmore, but in Tenebaums I can think of ten right off the top of my head.

In other related news I'm working through my Netflix movies with impressive rapidity. In addition to Darjeeling last night I watched Get Smart on Sunday, and Wonder Boys the week before that. My goal is to do one movie a week, at that rate I don't feel bad about the money the subscription costs. Of course even at a rate of one movie a week it will take me over four years to work through the movies in my queue assuming that nothing gets added in that time... Maybe I need to watch two a week...

How can a train be lost? It's on rails.


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