Tuesday, October 14, 2008


You ever get into that position where your carefully crafted system for maintaining order over the chaos gets overwhelmed? For me I have about 150 to-do items with various time horizons, priorities, levels of effort, etc. As long as they kept carefully corralled in the zoo then things are okay. I can go to the monkey section and make sure all the orangutans are still there, or over to the where all the lizards and snakes are kept and walk slowly down the aisle tapping on the glass (I know you're not supposed to do that). But every so often as new animals are being delivered to the zoo there's a break out and suddenly there are chimpanzees, lions, snakes, zebras, and pandas all over the zoo.

The big problem is know I don't know if I have all my monkeys. Some of them may have escaped, some may even be ransacking the ministry of defense and carrying off secret files. The hippos I know about, and they get a lot of the attention. It's unlikely they're going to escape, or even wander very far from the big pool of water, but all the little animals, how do I deal with them?

In any case there's been a zoo break. I think I have it under control. At a minimum I feel like I've established a pretty good perimeter, but that doesn't mean that there's still not a whole lot of poo being flung...

You should definitely follow the "Ministry of Defense" link, and that article doesn't even mention the drunkenness


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