Friday, September 26, 2008

Five Hours of Driving

So tomorrow we have a wedding. We're invited to the ceremony, the luncheon and the reception. Most everything is about an hour south of here, my sister is watching our kids and she's a half hour north of here. The kids are invited to the reception. So here's the break down:

30 minutes to get the kids to my sisters house
60 minutes to get to the wedding
30 minutes to get to the luncheon
60 minutes to get back to our house (where b-i-l has graciously agreed to meet us halfway)
60 minutes to reception
60 minutes to get back home

So there you go five hours of driving tomorrow. I can hardly wait...

Perhaps we should just send them the $300 dollars we're going to spend on gas and call it good


Blogger aozora said...

You'd have include the fee for your valuable time to really make it fair. >;-D

Have a good time!

5:46 AM  

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