Monday, December 08, 2008


As I look out my window it's really coming down. The snow blowing through the gap between my building and the Custom Closet next door is nearly horizontal. It's been snowing for several hours, but it's only just barely started to stick to the grass. This isn't the first snow fall of the season but the previous snow we've gotten had long ago melted and wasn't that impressive in the first place. Of course there's been snow in the mountains all this time, but even that has been pretty pathetic. Some of the ski resorts are opened, but I believe they had to supplement the natural snow with additional snow making.

Some people don't like the snow. I'm not sure why those people live in Utah, though I confess that we don't have the harshest winters in the world, so for those people the storm is bad news, for me it's great news. Not only do I love the first snowfall of the season (so pretty...) but I go on a ski vacation every year between Christmas and New Year and as of yesterday the ski resort I use was not open yet. It's still a few weeks between now and skiing, and one storm does not a season make, but it's nevertheless a good sign.

Happy until the shoveling starts


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"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

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