Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, today was going to be my first day on the new schedule (waking up at 6 am as I mentioned yesterday). Unfortunately I came down with something last night and ended up awake at 4:00 hunched over the toilet puking. It's just not my winter. Fortunately it appears that this was just a short term thing and I only threw up the one time and other than a headache I'm feeling pretty good right now. So hopefully tomorrow will be the day.]

On a completely unrelated note, I'm looking forward to watching "The Daily Show" again now that Bush is no longer in office. Perhaps I'm making a hasty generalization, but anytime I tried watching the Daily Show over the last few years it was almost entirely one-sided. I felt like I was watching that episode of "The Simpsons" where Homer gets a job standing in for Krusty the Clown and he's at the opening of a Krustyburger and the Krustyburglar comes by and Home is so enraged by the idea of burgers being stolen that he attacks the Krustyburglar and beats the holy crap out of him, and one of the kids in the crowd comes forward and, in between sobs, begs Homer to "Stop. Stop. He's already dead!" Two years into his second term and that's how "The Daily Show" started to feel.

But I think the long beating is beginning to come to an end. This clip in particular was very encouraging. Not sure what Colbert is going to do, I'm cautiously optimistic there as well, though it's entirely possible that without Bush to galvanize the left that his show won't be a successful. I've heard that conservative media enjoyed a huge boom during the Clinton years and I wonder if Olbermann and the like are going to suffer from a dip in viewership and popularity. Anyway I've probably wandered around aimlessly in the post for long enough.

After about the 40th one saltines start to get old


Anonymous Ed said...

I'd read many accounts on blogs from folks who pretty much said the same thing, in a non-funny way. That they really didn't believe Obama was that centrist, so they could vote for him. Almost as if he were *wink wink nudge nudge* to the Left.

They were somewhat disappointed with his appointments (not earth-shattering "Change to believe in" there), but happy with his acts so far.

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