Thursday, January 08, 2009

Off the Rails

Wow, I really went off the rails there. My last entry promised an review of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert and then several weeks of silence. Well I have a lot of catching up to do. The following topics demand to be blogged about:

1- Review of Mo Tab Concert
2- Final Results of Fantasy Football League
3- Specs and Parts list for my new PC (The parts list for the last computer is my most frequently referenced past blog entry)
4- The Horrible Holiday illness
5- The Vacation
6- Sprinkler crisis

I'll start with the review. The soloist was Brian Stokes Mitchell. If you know him at all you may remember him as playing "Cam Winston" the upstairs neighbor Frasier feuded with, on Frasier. Anytime you get a great male baritone for a Christmas Program I really feel like you have an obligation, to the Universe, to do "Oh, Holy Night". My wife retorts that they did that song when the King Singer's guested. To which I retort that they've done some version of "I Saw Three Ships" at each of the the last three concerts. Anyway, as you've probably guessed they did not do "Oh, Holy Night". Which is okay, they did a lot of great songs. And BSM brought a lot of great songs to the concert. The problem was that they were all modern songs, largely with nothing to do with Christmas. I enjoyed them, and I enjoyed the concert, but I go to the Mo Tab Christmas Concert to get the old timey religion. The big Christmas choral pieces that bring the house down.

So in that respect it did not measure up to the previous two years. Which let me make clear is a pretty high bar. So by any other standard the concert would have been a 9 or a 10, but when compared to the Kings Singer's and in particular Sissel it was only a 7 or an 8. The one thing that was superlative about the concert was the narrative section. They had Edward Herrmann do a piece called "Longfellow's Christmas" which covered the period during the Civil War when his son was wounded and shortly after his wife had died. Now if that didn't bring tears to your eyes I don't know what would. So as usual a fantastic performance, just not quite the transcendent event it had been in years past.

1 down 5 to go


Blogger hallamigo said...

You're back! Yeah!

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Oh no. My team's in the playoffs. Can you focus on your shiny, new gaming PC and forego watching playoffs football? Pretty please? :)

5:13 PM  

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