Tuesday, July 25, 2006

6:50 Still at work

We'll I'm still at work, waiting on an install, so I thought I'd post a quick blog. As I mentioned briefly yesterday, yesterday there was some serious problems with the intranet server here at work. After wrestling with it all day, I finally got things mostly taken care of and arrived home around 10 pm. As an interesting side note, the power had been restored for all of 40 minutes, and the house was 87 degrees...

Well in any case while I was trying to work out the last of the little kinks the server started to have problems again. I went to check on it, and low and behold both hard drives had once again failed (yeah I know it's not the drives it's the RAID controller, something that should have been obvious yesterday, but I'm not the hardware guy...) Which basically took us back to where we were Monday morning. Not really of course, there had been some wisdom gained the day before. The biggest thing was that I while there were trying to get the primary server back up I had taken another server and been making it into a mirror of the primary server. Once the primary server died again, we just made this secondary server into the primary server, though that did take about two hours to make it a true mirror.

The reason I'm still at work is that now we've decided to move to a third server, and make that our final home, so I'm busy setting up that third server, in addition to catching up on all the work I'm behind on from Monday and today. On that note, I better wrap this up and get back to it, I wouldn't want my wife to think I was goofing off.

The computers have already won


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