Monday, July 24, 2006

8 years in a row

So Landis did end up winning, which makes it 8 years in a row for Americans. Chris Carmichael attempted to explain the recent American domination (slightly over half the tours since Lemond's first victory), and ended up concluding it was because the Tour is the only bike race that Americans care about. While I think that's part of it, I think it ignores something much bigger. And I'm not sure if Carmichael is attempting to keep it a secret or much more likely trying to be politically correct, but the truth is that Americans train in a more scientific fashion. If you read Allen Lim (Landis' "science guy") or even Carmichael himself you'll see an approach to cycling that's very rigorous very detailed and very... scientific.

Before we leave the tour for good there was a very funny article about Landis on Velonews. This part was my favorite:

...after Landis chased down an 11-man breakaway, killed them and ate them, built a new bicycle out of their bones, and roared away in a pillar of fire to win the stage to Morzine and jump back to within 30 seconds of the yellow jersey...

I like that description.

With that out of the way, I guess I should mention the disaster today has been. Our power went out around 1:30 am this morning. It woke me up. We normally have a fan running at night, plus since the wife hasn't been feeling well we had a humidifier running, and I'm reasonably certain the central air which is located outside of our window was running as well. The sudden cessation of noise was every bit as jarring as someone suddenly screaming. But even though it woke me up I was too deeply asleep to even consider getting up, but it did insinuate itself into my dreams. Then at around 3:30 the wife woke me up to tell me that the power was out. I told her I know, but at this point I did get up and check the breakers and look to see if the neighboors had power.

As is often the case the people across the street had power, but the next door neighbor did not. At that point I called the power company and reported the outage, they already knew about it, mentioned that the first report was filed at 1:30 am and said they estimated it would be available by 8:30 am. At 6:50 when work called to tell me that both hard drives on the intranet server had failed, the power was still out and the message was unchanged the last update was at 1:30 and they were trying to figure out what the problem was, only this time they didn't have an estimate for when power would be restored. That was not a good sign.

When I got into work not only was the main internal server down, the main external server was down as well. The latter was an easy fix, but the former... not so much. We have a really nice backup solution, but so far of the four times we've tried restoring from backup on each occasion the server wouldn't boot afterwards. And on the power outage front it was basically 11 am before the power company got someone to look at it, and as of this writing it's still out. In any case, it's been a pretty stressful day.

First we'll shoot the computers


Anonymous Geshin said...

And you didn't even mention the parade your kids were in on Saturday, or was it that forgettable.

You could have been riding up Mill Creek Canyon instead.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Geshin said...

Beer Powered riding, oh, I'm going to try that.

Beer - calories and hydration as good as any "sport drink." Additional feature, if I have enough beer, I wouldn't care my butt was sore.

2:07 PM  

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