Friday, July 21, 2006

Calm before the storm

Well it all comes down to tomorrow. 30 seconds seperates the top three. I'd be really curious to know if it's ever been that close going into the final time trial though I've yet to see any of the news outlets mention it, and I think finding out such information on my own would be extremely time consuming, if it were possible at all. Levi Leipheimer was in the break today, and ended up being pretty disappointing, not only did he miss the final sub-break of three which contested the stage, he didn't even manage to finish with the rest of them, though he did manage to jump a couple of spots on GC, so it wasn't for naught, but my guess is that his time trial performance tomorrow will be nothing spectacular, though I hope it won't be as bad as the first one.

My theory would be that he peaked too early, or did too much work to win the Dauphine, which I guess amounts to about the same thing, though that still doesn't explain his first time trial. Of course that leads us to question what the hell happened to Team Discovery. I understand the whole argument about being willing to sacrifice for a strong leader, and while I'll agree that explains things in part, I'm still looking for the other 75% of the explanation. I think really picking one guy and forming up around him would have helped. I think they're still in the mode where if they have one bad day big deal, someone else takes over helping Lance, but when you're going for the GC, then one bad day and you're screwed (unless you're Floyd Landis).

Did I mention I don't like parades?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess they're finding out what Lance knew all along--racing without drugs is hard. :)


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