Friday, July 28, 2006

One more week down, 1537 left

So I did a quick, rough calculation to determine how many weeks I have left to work if I retire at 65. Obviously I hope to be retired, semi-retired or in a job I don't want to retire from long before 65, and then again 65 may be optimistic. But 1537 was the number I came up with, what's interesting, is that that just happens to be 29 years 29 weeks. Eerie...

In any event the point of the title, of course, is to announce that once again I've made it too the weekend. I think there were times this week when I didn't think I would. But with the exception of a few small eccentricities things appear to be working normally, and it looks like I'll even have things to a point where people won't hate me when I take all the time off starting next week. There was honestly a point at the beginning of the week where I was reviewing what my options were if my boss refused to let me take the time off I had scheduled. They boiled down to being fired or being murdered (by my sister, the co-chair of the reunion). Neither being a particularly attractive option.

This weekend will definitely represent the calm before the storm. Next weekend is the Family Reunion and the weekend after that is GenCon. As a result I'm trying to keep it fairly low key. I may play a little Dreamblade tonight. Go on a bike ride tomorrow morning, and then we have a Ward Party we're suppossed to help set up for on Saturday night. Sunday is just church and then the final Family Reunion Committee meeting.

You can't reward bad behavior


Anonymous Ed said...

I figured out if I had stayed in the military, I would've retired this week...

12:22 AM  

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