Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back from Vacation

Okay, so I wasn't actually on vacation, but after blogging every day for a month I thought I could use a little break. My little break turned into a longer break. but isn't that how it normally works? I figured I had to blog today, after the excitement of last night and of course my little brother's comment about it being the end of the era, but the era in question was the blogging era (that cut me real deep). Anyway on to the excitement.

Yesterday the wife called me to say that she was having some problems with vertigo. That she had started feeling dizzy after taking our youngest to her reading prep class, and that it had just gotten progressively worse during the day. When I got home I started doing the standard internet thing: webmd, wikipedia, emedicine, etc. I eventually came across a list entitled "You should go to the hospital if..." Most of the items did not apply to my wife, but there were a couple that did (trouble walking was one, I forget the other). So we decided to head in. Fortunately we have family real close and my "ever reliable" b-i-l (not to be confused with "never follow him" b-i-l and potato wedge b-i-l, and three others beyond them) showed up to watch the kids and we headed to the emergency room.

As you can imagine the ride up was pretty hard on her, but we got right into a room and once she was able to lay back down things started improving. Things really started to look better after they gave her a Valium, at least for her. The ran a bunch of labs, tested her for dehydration, checked her out for a stroke and an ear infection, they all came back negative, but she was doing better, so they let us go around 11:30 (we left the house around 7:30). In between grabbing me a meat twinkie for a late dinner, and getting her prescriptions filled I think I got to bed around 1:00 am (it might have been a little sooner, but I'm sure I didn't fall asleep till at least then.)

She's feeling better today, but by no means fully recovered. I imagine it will be awhile before she's 100% again. The biggest thing now is that she can't drive, so I'm in charge of handling all the kid ferrying duties. It's not bad I actually like spending more time with my kids, it just has a tendency to break up whatever spurt of productivity one might be having...

Flossing pays off


Anonymous Ed said...

I know someone who suffers from vertigo, and it's from damage to the inner ear. I get a mild form, oddly enough, from my back problems.

I hope they manage to find the reason soon. That is not fun.

3:22 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

What the heck is a "meat twinkie"?

Hope your wife is feeling better soon. A family member of mine got a similar infliction that came on suddenly and then disappeared without a trace. Most mysterious.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Janet said...

What a drag for Liz. I hope it clears up. I know how it feels to be dizzy and not know what is causing it.

Enjoy your time with your kids...

11:15 AM  
Blogger aozora said...

Looks like I fizzled my post. Hope your wife is feeling better soon.

5:12 AM  

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