Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Petition

I really seem to be short on time lately. Part of it is obviously taking care of the driving responsibilities while my wife is incapacitated, and part of it is just the increasing pressure of working two jobs. The wife is doing better each day, and the kids are out of school tomorrow (and most of next week) so hopefully that temporary issue will soon be resolving itself. The working two jobs thing should resolve itself shortly thereafter, but I even when that's gone there's still going to be a huge amount of pressure with the new business, and the holidays. So I guess I should just stop whining and get used to things.

Anyway with my lack of time sufficiently covered, I guess I should keep this short. Mostly I just wanted to link to this awesome petition. Normally I wouldn't try pushing petitions on my loyal readership, but I think this is something I can really get behind.

In space no one can hear you say "Zug-zug"


Anonymous Ed said...

I signed as well, and suggested the amendment that bio-fuel capability (such as pork fat) be added.

5:18 PM  

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