Monday, January 21, 2008


Today is a holiday, for most people anyway (I'm going to still end up in the office for around 9 hours). Since the kids don't have school I decided to catch up on my sleep and sleep in. When I woke up I discovered that it had snowed quite a bit while I was being lazy, and that there was about 9 inches of snow on the ground. Generally I'm favoredly disposed to snow. I think it's pretty, I like skiing (when I get the chance), I like the cold. But when I'm shoveling off my unnecessarily long driveway I have a real hard time recalling the good qualities of the stuff.

In the end it took me around an hour and a half to shovel the walks and the driveway. So in between sleeping in and shoveling (and painting a pinewood derby car) I didn't get in to the office until pretty late. So I guess I'll be staying pretty late to make up for it. Course even on the days I show up early I generally end staying pretty late, that's just the nature of the beast at this point. My wife asked me yesterday how long I thought the really long hours was going to last. I had to tell her I wasn't 100% sure, but that hopefully once I got caught up from December and the holidays that it would settle back down. We'll have to see. At the moment I'm really motivated to work, so I figure I should take advantage of that, since generally I'm what you might call "The Avatar of Sloth".

I'm also the Avatar of Vexation


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