Monday, November 26, 2007

Relentlessly Cheerful

Yesterday my extended family took "The Pledge". Each year at or around Thanksgiving we all pledge to be exceptionally nice, sweet and kind until the new year. My father mentioned that his goal was to be "relentlessly cheerful" for that period. 10-20 years ago when most of his kids were teenagers I wouldn't have given him very good odds, but I think this year he might just pull it off. I decided to shoot for the same thing, and so far I'm doing pretty poorly. I already had a programmer come and tell me I needed to be nicer to a gal over in Software Quality Assurance.

My excuse, such as it is, would be that today was particularly stressful. Every two months at the day job we have a big deadline, so I was at work yesterday (that was after being called at 5:00 am to deal with a server that was down) and then, like always, there were a bunch of lingering issues with things that I had to spend all day cleaning up. Then to add further spice to everything there were internet problems at home, which normally wouldn't be something that would occupy much of my attention, but the problems had started over the weekend, so I called Comcast and arranged to have a tech come out this afternoon. But by Sunday morning everything was better, so I called and cancelled the appointment, less than 30 minutes after doing that, the internet went down again, so I had to call back. Of course my appointment had already been given away by that time so I scheduled another appointment for tomorrow. You wouldn't think that cancelling an appointment and making another would take up that much time, but somehow it really does.

Anyway it looks like my cheerfullness level is dropping off by the word so I better end know before I dig myself into a hole from which I can't recover.

Relentlessly something


Blogger aozora said...

It is possible to transcend all the negativity. In fact, I think it is advantageous. Nothing irritates angry people more than if you refuse to be guiled to meanness.

4:35 AM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Ok, no posts from Ross in 4 days. I take it the Cheerful Pledge has broken him. Look in all nearby bell towers and gun shops.

11:15 PM  

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