Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tour De France

My Dad asked me last night when my Tour de France coverage was going to start. I had actually thought about it yesterday, since it's getting close, but I had some whining to do and that takes precedence over sports. If you're curious the hierarchy is actually projectile vomiting > whining about being over worked > whining about being tired > whining about not being able to goof off as much as I want > gaming > incisive political commentary > sports > boredom > Celine Dion. I other words it's good that I whine a lot or your might end up getting some Celine Dion posts. While the Tour is actually on sports moves to between to right after "whining about being overworked", but since it doesn't start until Saturday it's still fairly low.

In any case as you probably already know Contador, the winner of last years Tour, is not going to be there this year, and neither is Leipheimer. Which takes away the two people I would have picked as overall contenders. Second place last year was Cadel Evans (Leipheimer was third) and he's the pre-race favorite with Valverde a close second on most people's list. I wouldn't mind seeing Cadel win I've been a fan of his ever since he led the Giro for a day back in 2002. But he's been kind of inconsistent. Valverde also has a pretty big question mark by his name, most Tours (as I recall) he hasn't even finished. I'm thinking that this year will be another one where someone surprises us. For now I'm not sure who my horse is, but I'll let you know before Saturday.

Mostly just hoping for no scandals...


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