Monday, July 31, 2006

Long dark tea time of the soul

I did manage to go biking this weekend. Geshin (frequent commentor) and I decided to bike the Jordan River Parkway. Well things were going well and we were zipping along pretty good, when I see him go off into the dirt. I wasn't sure what happened and as I approached he had managed to get off his bike and was holding it up and looking at it. My first thought was that he had a flat. Oh if only he were that lucky.

As it turns out the bolt connecting his seat to his seat post had sheared through (making, he said, a rather impressive noise). So there he was riding along when suddenly his butt and his bike were no longer connected. I guess that's what caused him to lose control and run off into the dirt. Of course we immediately decided to turn around and he said that he would just bike standing up the rest of the way. He seemed to think it would be no big deal, but I was pretty sure that it would be really annoying. And sure enough he started whining immediately, but it wasn't until he fell over in front a moving car because he was unable to unclip (the car wasn't moving very fast I had just barely waved it forward) that he decided to stop there and have me come back and pick him up.

Other than that we had our final family reunion meeting yesterday. The reunion runs from Friday to Sunday, and at this point I'll be happy if the whole thing goes off without any fatalities. I know that weather forecasts this far out are pretty unreliable, but the forecast for the reunion site is for isolated thunder storms, which could put a damper on all the water activities we have planned. I guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

It will all be over in a week one way or the other


Blogger A Member of the Richey Clan said...

Amen to that!


4:11 PM  
Anonymous Geshin said...

To make it worse,
Because I lost parts on the trail, I had to replace my seat post. And if I want the spiffy carbon fiber one, an exact replacemnt, it will cost $130. I settled for the staight aluminum one for $30, for now. They said my ride will be "stiffer". I might be learning to ride off my saddle :P If I can't stand it I'll fork over the $130.
Other riding idea,
Carb-loading with BEER before the ride worked. :)
It might of messed with my sense of balance a little. :)

I'm ready to ride again, when ever you are.

7:26 AM  

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