Monday, August 14, 2006

The Indy Airport sucks

Well I'm sittin in the airport with all sorts of time to kill so I thought I'd blog. I'm doing it on my PDA so I'm guessing that the quality will be even worse than the normally abysmal quality you've come to expect. I'm here so early because my friend's flight left an hour before mine and with the recent security issues he was pretty panicky which meant he wanted to be there two hours early which meant that I got here three hours early.

My trip though ticketing and security was at most a couple minutes longer than what I'm used to so as I mentioned I have a long time to wait. I was not selected for any additional security' nor was my carry on bag searched. But since passing through on my own I've wandered past security twice. The first time the had a guy who must have been a 70 year old grandpa spread eagle. And then as if to prove that that was nothing the next time I passed through it was an 80 year old grandma.

Also before I end my rant I feel something must be said about the fact that the Indy Airport rather than having one central security check point has three.

Leaving on a jet plane


Anonymous ed said...

I've been picked a couple of times for extra screening... I don't know if in your particular wait grandma or grandpa were as shady-lookin' as I was....

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasn't picked up for extra screening, but was there a bit over 2 hours early. Luckily I ran into Xath, so I got to kick back with a really attractive gamer girl over beers for 2 hours. :D

Of course, then my flight from Atlanta might have been the shooting production of Soul Plane 2, so it wasn't all wine and roses. :)


12:05 AM  

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