Monday, August 07, 2006

Zero Fatalities

The final tally, for those that are curious, was 36 hours without power. In other words it came back on just in time to blend seamlessly into the next great challenge I had to face, the Family Reunion. Thursday was spent at a variety of stores purchasing $1600 worth of supplies. Friday was spent carting all of that up to Bear Lake. A feat mostly accomplished by my father and brothers since my van was so full already that each of my four children was buried under piles of coolers, pillows and sleeping bags, with just the narrowest of holes so they could be entertained by the DVD player.

As expected I worked like a whipped dog the entire time. And while I'm mostly just glad that it's over there were some pretty good moments. And of course I can't whine too much since my father and sister did a lot more work than I did. By my zero fatality standard of success we did really, well. But apparently even if you raise the bar a little bit most of the people who attended seemed to think that it went really well. As expected no one jumped up and volunteered to run the next reunion, so this may be the last we have at least for the descendents of my grandfather. Perhaps at some point I'll have to put together a more extensive reunion report. But for now I'm out of time.

GenCon Baby!!!


Anonymous sti said...

Reunions are held every two years for the same reason that pregnancies often have the same spacing -- it takes that long to forget the pain and suffering of the last one enough so that you can take on the next one.

9:18 AM  

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