Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Power? We don't need no stinking power!

Well our power went out again, this would make the second time in just a little over a week, and just like last time in turns out that the timing of the outage is horrible. Our power when out sometime shortly after 5 am, and as far as I can reconstruct, just as the crew was showing up to fix our power, a massive storm blew in and thousands of people lost power. I imagine at that point the crew was told, "Forget about those 19 houses! We've got entire municipalities that are without power!" At this point the estimate is 12 hours, which means if we're lucky we should have power sometime early next year.

My sister had a b-day party for her 1 year old daughter last night, so we went up to Ogden for that. It was a pretty good time. At one point my sister's other child, her son. Sat in my dad's chair, so my dad told him that if he didn't move he would sit on him. The kid didn't move so he got sat on by grandpa. Now obviously my dad wasn't putting an weight on the kid, but the kid freaked out anyway and started crying. We had just finished talking about horrible childhood stories, and we figured we had just seen one, which made everyone laugh. But don't worry we weren't laughing at the kid we were laughing at a future, psychologically unbalanced, version of the kid.

Life is pain. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.


Anonymous john said...

So you're a Boortz fan ... why is he blaming the environmentalists? -- HEAT! BROWN OUTS! NO POWER!

8:58 PM  
Blogger Ross said...

That's easy. Environmentalists have blocked all drilling for oil off the coast of Florida. They've blocked the building of any new nuclear power plant or refinery for the last 20 years and they have blocked drilling in ANWAR as well. This is a case of supply not meeting demand, and the environmentalists have blocked just about any attempt you can think of to increase supply.

7:46 AM  

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