Monday, August 28, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

On Thursday of last week, my boss (technically my boss' boss) was joking that he startes wishing it were Friday at 7:05 am on Monday. That's kind of the way I feel right now. Mostly because this coming weekend is the Labor Day weekend, and I'm going up to a condo for the weekend, so I expect it to be fun AND relaxing. Though to be fair things haven't been too bad, I mean I played Warcraft both Friday and Sunday nights and then did some mock Shadowrun battles on Saturday night (it was suppossed to be D&D, but we had a couple of people who couldn't come). But I'm about to start consulting again on the side, so I expect that such dalliances are endangered.

Friday night was the company party. We had it up at the Zoo. I felt like it was a big improvement over the normal custom of holding it in the parking lot. When it's in the parking lot most of my time is spent standing in line with the kids so they can go down the inflatable slide. The zoo on the other hand is, as they say, fun for young and old. The highlight, though, was definitely the bird show. But I told my wife that she could tell that story as part of a family letter. So if you're not on that list, tough! Actually I'll post it once I've given her a few days head start.

Still crazy


Anonymous john said...

I've alreay heard it! Oops, sorry Ross ... get'em Ross' wife!

9:09 PM  
Anonymous john said...

I've already heard it! Oops, sorry Ross ... get'em Ross' wife!

9:10 PM  
Blogger Medsker said...

I guess we know who Ross' favorite bro-in-law is. You computer geeks always sticking together. I don't want to hear it though, because I like Ross' wife better (rolls) than Ross and would prefer to hear from her...especially because she is so beautiful(rolls). Do you think she'll catch that subliminal message about the homemade rolls and bring me some?

8:30 AM  

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