Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness

I'm not actually infinitely sad, but it is always a big let down when on realizes that GenCon is over, the fun times at an end. I've never had a hang-over, but I imagine that it must be similar to what I feel. The fun is over, and all I have left is a headache and a job to return to. I did miss the wife and kids quite a bit, so it's good to be back with them, but beyond that, the post-GenCon existance doesn't have much going for it.

I guess that's not entirely true, I did bring home some cool new RPG books that I can now read. Though I unfortunately left one of them on the plane and had to re-order a copy from Amazon. Also my big Dreamblade order should arrive tomorrow so obviously I'm looking forward to that. And summer is finally grinding to a halt and school is about to start, so things are starting to settle down. I'm probably just grumpy because I'm still really tired, and work is the same soul-crushing combination of tedium and fatuousness that I remembered.

Naps, the eighth wonder of the world


Anonymous rob said...

Well, keep hydrating yourself, avoid alcohol/fantasy for a couple days, and you're hang-over will just be a memory. Your body can only process so much at one time. While studies have shown that a little bit of alcohol/fantasy each day helps the blood pressure, too much is poison.

Hopefully you've learned your lesson. ;-)

1:17 PM  

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