Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Well in an attempt to flesh out my Dreamblade collection I've turned into quite the E-bayer (is that a word?). I think I've done more transactions in the last two days then I've done the rest of the time I've been registered. Some of the stuff I've been picking up has been interesting. I know that sniping is apparently the best way to win auctions, but for those of us who can't sit in front of the computer 24/7 waiting for the last five minutes of the auction (or perhaps more accurately those who are in front of the computer 24/7 but are too busy playing video games). I've found that deciding what you're willing to pay and then entering that in as your maximum, while perhaps not quite as effective, nevertheless makes the whole experience far less stressful.

There's other lessons I've learned, but as I tried typing them out I discovered that blogging about E-bay tactics is soporific even for me, so I'll move on. My wife and I went out for dinner for our anniversary last night. We went to Tuscany, a high-end Italian resturant opened by a local sports star. It was quite good, though it's always difficult to know for sure if the $80 dollar meal you just had was really four times as good as the $20 meal you could have gotten from Crown Burger. Still the smoked salmon and cavier appetizer was quite tasty. Beyond that the ceaser salad seemed unimpressive, and while the entree was quite tasty it didn't quite come together like I expected. In other words the flavors of the different elements didn't mesh quite as cleanly as I would have liked. Still I was out on a date with the wife so that made the experience exceptionally pleasent.

Well after picking at this entry here and there for the last couple of hours I think it's time to take it off the grill and toss it to the dogs.

Dreamblade 90/96


Anonymous john said...

Ahhh, eBay ... good old garage sale gambling.

6:09 PM  
Blogger crochetfreak said...

You know, there are several good sniping sites out there that offer free snipes, usually up to 3 before you have to pay. Auctionsniper.com is my favorite.

9:20 PM  

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