Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Car problems

I'm just barely getting around to blogging today, because I had car problems. Or rather my wife had car problems. She called me in something of a panic around 1:00 and said that she had just emerged from Sam's Club with a plethora of groceries and the car wouldn't start. Almost immediately my worst case scenerio reflex kicked in and I thought, the car has no oil and the engine has seized. Normally it wouldn't have been so bad, but there had just been some evidence presented to my tortured guilt-ridden soul and of course I couldn't think about anything else.

You're of course wondering what this evidence was. Well when I arrived home the other night from a family gathering and walked from the garage to the house i noticed a line of fresh drips on the driveway. This concerned me, so I developed a plan, let the car sit in the garage for a few hours and then back it out and see if there's a puddle. Well there wasn't, though I wouldn't say that the area was entirely clean either. Now of course what I should have done is check all the fluid levels. Yeah... well I have a hard time doing things I should all the time, in fact I would say I have a hard time doing it even most of the time, so no, I didn't check the fluid levels. That would have deprived me of the experience of thinking I needed a new car this afternoon. And those are the kinds of experiences money can't buy.

It was the starter motor


Anonymous ed said...

But were the groceries ok? Don't leave us hangin', man!

9:39 PM  
Anonymous yourwife said...

The groceries survived. Fortunately, Grandpa was only fifteen minutes away.

10:25 AM  

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