Friday, August 25, 2006

Provo sucks!

Okay, maybe it's unfair of me to make a generalized negative statement about an entire city, but I think you'd find I'm not alone in my generalized negativity towards Provo. The latest insult is an E-bayer from Provo. So last weekend I bought a bunch of dreamblade minis off of this guy (the one in Provo). His deal is the first mini you order from him is $2 to ship and every additional mini is $0.50. So I think I won four seperate auctions at around the same time, so I payed immediately and sent $3.50 for the shipping and handling. I think paying immediately may have been a mistake, who would have thought that being responsible would backfire?

Well a couple of days later I won another auction from this same dude in Provo. So I e-mailed him and said, hey if you haven't already shipped the other stuff, I'll only pay the $0.50, but if you have, then I'll pay the $2. He didn't respond he merely sent me an invoice for $2 in shipping. I figured that was his answer, so that's what I paid, assuming the first four minis were en route. Obviously $1.50 is not that big of a deal, it's not the money that annoys me it's the fact that I still haven't gotten the initial minis! As bad as USPS is there's no way it takes four days to ship something from Provo to Salt Lake. So he's not only taking his sweet time, but he hadn't mailed them at the time I asked him about it. I guess what will really be galling is if all the minis, even the one I ordered late show up in the same box sometime next week.

As far a sniping... Yeah sure I could do it, but it seems unethical for some reason (not to say that crochetfreak is unethical, in fact she's one of the most ethical people I know, it's just that I have so few ethics, that I really need to hold on to the ones I do have even if they're mostly in my head.) Plus the only way someone can truly snipe you is if they come along and bid X and you're reaction is, well I would have paid X... If that's the case then you should enter that in as your maximum bid. And in that case you have an advantage, because if two people are both willing to pay the same amount for an item the one who enters the bid first will win. In any event, I've probably blogged about Ebay enough, and even as annoyed as I am it's mostly swallowed up in my happiness that the weekend is almost here.

Dreamblade 95/96


Anonymous john said...

I'm missing the connection between you hating Provo and the eBayer who lives there. For all you know he could be from your hometown and just so happens to live there for now ... I grew up in Orem, Provo's sister city. We're people too! :)

9:05 PM  

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