Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So I was exiled at work yesterday. See they hired a third DBA, and they wanted the first two DBA's to be able to hold his hand. The problem is that the row with the DBA's (my row) was already completely full. So in order to make a place for the new person they had to decide on one person to be kicked out of the aisle where the rest of the group sat. The corporate policy is that people who work closely need to sit closely. I, apparently, work closely with no one so I was the one chosen to be kicked off the island.

I have to kind of wonder about that logic (work closely, sit closely). While I think that it's nice if someone whom you frequently interact with is in walking distance, I don't know that they have to be within arm's reach. In fact I think that with at least two of my co-workers it's created an unhealthy co-dependence where neither of them does anything alone. The other day they both went together to share out a hard drive, and these are network admins...

The day before was the final activation of the big project I've been working on since this time last year. I'm hopeful that things will calm down, now. At a minimum today should be a little bit of a break since most of the people who normally bug me are on a plane flying to the convention where they will unveil the big project. I'm staying here to make sure nothing breaks...

A prison of my own design


Anonymous ed said...

Sounds like time for a LAN party at work!

3:20 PM  

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