Wednesday, August 30, 2006


My brother-in-law, the dirty Provo-lover, reminded me that I had missed one of the best stories from the weekend. It turns out that he decided to pick up some dreamblade (I'm not sure if it was my tales of the hundreds of dollars I've spent, or seeing the picture of me in the Dreamblade Tournament and wanting to be that cool, perhaps we'll never know). In any event he mentioned it to me and my first question was, "What was your rare?" He replied without missing a beat, "Scarab Warcharm". Now that just happens to be the most valuable rare out there. It regularly sells for three times the cost of the next most valuable rare on Ebay, so I was sure that he was pulling my leg.

He assured me that he wasn't and I immediately offered him half my kingdom for it. Okay perhaps not half my kingdom, but several rares, a half dozen uncommons and numerous commons. The rational being that since he's going to be a fairly casual player, having a bunch of figures is going to be better than having one really nice rare. So on Saturday I drove up to Kaysville, and picked it up. I confess that I was suspicious right up until the moment I actually saw the piece. It would have been just like him to find out what the best rare was, and claim to have it, even go so far as to make me drive all the way up there and then say, "Did I say Scarab Warcharm? I really meant to say Prowling Leapordman..."


I got distracted and left yesterday without actually posting what I had written, so all the stuff above was written yesterday. I'm sure that I had more to write about, but at the moment nothing is coming to me... Anyway, so we're in the process of redesigning the webpage where I work. The marketing department is primarily in charge of it, and they want to go live on Tuesday. So we had a meeting about it and discussed some of the issues (of which there are legion). Afterwards in IT we talked about putting up a downtime notice for the transition on the website. I said I would do it, but I wasn't sure how far in advance it needed to go up, so we asked my boss. He eventually responded last night and said "7 days" by this time I was already home so I added the notice from there.

When the guy in marketing arrived this morning, he flipped. He called me up and demanded to know who had added the downtime notice. I said I did, not knowing what the deal was. Well apparently it didn't match the "style" of the website. He also felt that I was messing with his turf, that the homepage was his and I should never touch it. Since I'd been doing the downtime notices since time immemorial I didn't think anything of doing it, but apparently there had been some previous brohaha(sp?) while I was out of town, which no one had ever told me about, and so I was basically pouring salt in the wounds. In any case I made it clear I didn't care who put up the downtime notice as long as it was there, and after repeated assurances of this he finally calmed down.

Well, lest I make the same mistake today that I did yesterday I'll post this and get one with the rest of the day.

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Blogger Medsker said...

The dirty Provo-Lover?

8:30 PM  
Anonymous john said...

"... even go so far as to make me drive all the way up there ..." -- you really think I'd do that? Wow, I didn't know I was that bad ...

10:19 PM  
Anonymous rob said...

Did I somewhere miss the end of your Provo story? It's been a week since your post about it. Received any package(s) yet? With a 3-day weekend approaching, I'm worried you won't post again until Tuesday. I don't think I can wait until Tuesday for resolution! ;-)

(In all honesty, I'm just curious how badly the story ends. I'm using your story as evidence that Provo-ites are guilty until proven innocent.)

10:38 AM  

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