Friday, September 01, 2006

Wrapping up the week

Well there was a request in the comments to finish out the Provo story. The miniatures I ordered did all arrive but of all the people I ordered from he was the slowest, irrespective of distance. Once you factor distance in then he really looks bad. I have been taken to task for my hasty generalization of Provo, based on the actions of this one individual, but he is not alone. No there were the BYU students we overheard discussing North Vietnam, the co-worker who thought that BYU had a better football program than Notre Dame (when considered over the lifetime of the program), and then there is of course the worst provo-ite of all, Steven Jones.

Steven Jones is of course the physics professor who has given great support and comfort to the enemy. The enemy being in this case all those people who believe that the World Trade Center was brought down buy controlled demolitions rather than being struck by a plane. I had managed to almost forget about him (though as you can see the bad taste he left for all the inhabitants of Provo remained) but then I came across a link to the NIST FAQ on the World Trade Center Collapse and I was reminded of his crimes.

In any case I don't exactly want to go down that manhole again, so I'll leave it at that. It's nice that Friday is here, even nicer that it's a three day weekend, but unfortunately all is not well in paradise. I appear to have come down with a cold. Last night was pretty bad, but so far today has been okay. Still I plan on leaving early and taking a nap to try and stay ahead of it. Obviously I would hate to have it ruin the vacation.

Until Tuesday


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